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Movie Synopsis

42 is the powerful biopic about the career of Jackie Robinson, the first African-American professional baseball player.

The story starts with the owner of the 1945 Brooklyn Dodgers, Branch Rickey, telling his staff members that he wants to add a Negro to their roster. After sifting through a number of potential players, they select Jackie Robinson, a hotheaded but talented player from the Negro baseball league. They ask him to start Spring Training with their affiliate team, the Montreal Royals, and see if he can make it to the Dodgers.

On his journey, Robinson faces powerful racism from fans of the game, other teams, and even his own teammates. He travels with the Royals, and after one season, is asked to sign a contract with the Dodgers. Throughout the season, Jackie learns what it means to break down barriers, overcome racism, treat others with respect -- even if they don’t deserve it -- and to persevere when trials come his way. Robinson helps lead the Dodgers to win the Pennant, and goes on to become a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Movie Sermon's General Warning

42 contains some sexual content and large amounts of offensive language (including racial slurs). It is rated PG-13 by the MPAA.







Sermon Illustrations

Big Idea
Returning hatred with hatred is easy, but Jesus calls us to turn the other cheek.
Turning the Other Cheek, Self-control, Perseverance, Restraint
Mark 14:60-61   Matthew 5:38-39  
Big Idea
Faith without works is dead.
Motives, Good works, Faith, Works
James 2:14-17   Ephesians 2:10  
Big Idea
Perseverance is tested through adversity.
Persecution, Perseverance, Self-control, Turning the Other Cheek
Philippians 2:12-15   2 Corinthians 12:9  

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