Big Idea

Those who are forgiven much, love much.

Scene Setup

Earlier in the film, Calvin and Eddie are alone at the shop as Eddie tells his story in flashback. Before gaining employment at the barbershop, Eddie was a thief. On the run from the law for stealing some meat for a barbecue, Calvin's father concealed Eddie from the police, but also gave him a job and a purpose for living. Eddie remembers how he nearly joins a black militant group fighting for equal rights, until they all start talking about killing police officers and being killed themselves. Eddie decides he would just rather stay and be of service to the shop. Eddie is explaining to Calvin the reason why he has never had to pay chair rent at the barbershop.


Loyalty, Love, Redemption, Forgiveness, Sin


Eddie then recalls the South-side Chicago riots that ensued after the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. Militants are everywhere, breaking into stores and looting. Calvin's father tells Eddie that they should be honoring King's memory, not looting.

Suddenly, a young man approaches the barbershop with a Molotov cocktail in his hand. As he move to throw it through the window, Eddie steps right in front of him and yells, "No!" The man steps aside and tries again to throw it through the window, but Eddie again interposes himself and shouts, "No!" All the while, Calvin's horrified father looks on. Eventually the young man gives up and throws the flaming bottle through the window of the building across the street.

As a reward for his bravery, Calvin's father tells Eddie that as long as he wants to work at the barbershop, he will never have to pay rent for his chair. But Eddie puts it in perspective for Calvin. Eddie says, "I didn't save the shop -- the shop saved me."


Eddie goes from thief to hero because someone took an interest in him and fitted him for a life of service rather than a life of crime. Because of the extraordinary kindness of Calvin's father, Eddie's life was redeemed. In gratitude for what was done for him, Eddie puts his own life on the line to defend the store that represents his redemption.

Jesus explains that those who are forgiven little, love little -- while those who are forgiven much, love much. When we see people in the depths of sin, our natural desire is to turn away. We cannot imagine how our holy God would want anything to do with such people. Yet Paul reminds us that many of us were once like "those people." Only the grace of God saved us, redeemed us, and made us His children. When we see desperate people caught in the web of sin, we should try to look at them with God's eyes. In God's equation those who are fallen lowest will be the ones who ascend the highest. They understand the depth of their sin, and rejoice, love, and serve all the more in response to their great redemption.


Where To Find


1 Corinthians 6:8-11

John 8:3-11

Romans 11:28-32

Luke 7:36-48

Video Times

Start: 1:21:49

End: 1:24:37


Sin, Forgiveness, Redemption, Love, Loyalty

Illustration Sermon General Warning

The men use the word "hell" as an exclamation, and there are scenes of riot violence.

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