Big Idea

The difference between our kingdoms and God's Kingdom.

Scene Setup

Three California grey whales are trapped, surrounded by quickly freezing sea ice that is cutting off their route to the open sea. The story gains national attention, and press are everywhere. It is freezing outside, and cub reporter Jill Jerard is seeking a ride for herself and her cameraman from fellow reporter Adam Carlson, but his Greenpeace ex-girlfriend Rachel Kramer has other ideas.


Unity, Ambition, Division, Goals, Factions


Reporter Jill Jerard shouts at Adam to "Wait up." When he stops and opens his window, she smiles winningly and asks if he has room for her and her cameraman. Adam says that they do, and Jill tells her cameraman to "load it in." But as they are getting into the truck, Rachel complains, "Whoa! Press have to find their own way out there." Adam replies, "Never heard that one before. Did you just make that up?" Rachel stumbles, but says, "Everybody is doing it." Jill pushes her point, "Help me out. Do it for the whales." But Rachel isn't buying it, "You don't care about the whales." She says the only thing Jill cares about are ratings. Jill explains, "Yeah. The ratings are what's going to keep the rescue going, which is going to save the whales." To which Adam chimes in, "She's right."


Why doesn't Rachel want to give Jill and her cameraman a ride out to the whales? Is she jealous that Jill may be eying her ex-boyfriend? Maybe she feels as if the journalist's motives are not as pure as those espoused by her own eco-friendly organization. Why would I use a clip from a eco-drama-rom-com in a sermon? Because the attitudes displayed in this clip represent attitudes rampant in the Church.

Factions and jealousy over leadership and who gets the credit are nothing new. When Moses was leading Israel through the desert, Aaron got upset when he discovered other people prophesying -- wasn't that Moses' domain? When Jesus walked on the Earth with His disciples, there were some "other" disciples casting out demons in Jesus' name, and they asked their master if they should put a stop to it. Weren't they the competition? But Jesus told them that if people were not against them, then they were for them, and anyone casting out demons in His name would not soon be able to talk badly about Him. You might think that would solve the problem, but the Apostle Paul complains in his letter to the Corinthians that they have been overtaken by competing factions. Why do we do this?

Pride. We are convinced that our way is the best way, and that people with different ideas, even if we share the same goals, are our enemies. We become more interested in protecting out territory than in building God's Kingdom.

That is not how it should be. Christians should learn a lesson from St. Augustine: "in essentials, unity; in doubtful matters, liberty; in all things, charity." We work to a common purpose, to expand God's Kingdom and to bring Him glory. His Church is a big place. Perhaps we would all get farther in accomplishing God's goals if we were more willing to allow fellow workers into the car.


Where To Find


Romans 12:3-16

John 17:20-23

1 Corinthians 1:10-13

Numbers 11:25-29

Mark 9:38-40

Video Times

Start: 0:34:58

End: 0:35:37


Faction, Factions, Goal, Goals, Divide, Division, Backbiting, Ambition, Unity, Unify, One Mind, Charity

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None for this scene.

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