Back Captain America: The First Avenger

Movie Synopsis

Steve Rogers, 98-pound weakling is strong of heart and anxious to join the U.S. military to do his part in World War II. Despite continual rejection, he perseveres -- ultimately accepted into the Army by volunteering to take part in an experimental program headed by Dr. Abraham Erskine to create a super-soldier. Rogers emerges from the procedure as Captain America -- whose celebrity status is used to sell war bonds. But inside Nazi Germany a secret military subgroup, Hydra, arises, led by the Johann Schmidt (Red Skull). By developing a super-weapon powered by an alien source, Schmidt intends to rule the world. Can Captain America stop Hydra in time? And what price will have to be paid?

Movie Sermon's General Warning

Captain America contains action and war violence, frightening images, and mild profanities.







Sermon Illustrations

Big Idea
Appearance is nothing; character counts.
Appearance, Action, Discernment, Speak
Luke 6:43-45   1 Samuel 16:1-7  

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