Big Idea

Repent while there is still time.

Scene Setup

Lucy has just entered the land of Narnia through a wardrobe and is just as startled to meet a faun as the faun is to meet Lucy. Lucy is scared and hides behind the lamppost, while the faun hides behind a tree. When they finally get over their initial fright, they try to discover what type of being each is. Mr. Tumnus explains to Lucy that he is a faun. He wants to know if Lucy is "a beardless dwarf." When Lucy corrects him, saying that she is a girl, Mr. Tumnus' eyes narrow a bit and he asks if she is "a daughter of are, in fact, human?" Lucy admits that she is. Then Mr. Tumnus wants to know how she came to be in Narnia, and Lucy says it was through the wardrobe. Mistaking the wardrobe and spare room for countries, Mr. Tumnus treats her as a visiting dignitary to Narnia. Lucy does not know what Narnia is, so Mr. Tumnus explains its borders. Surprised at its size, Lucy is amazed that it is all "in" the wardrobe. Mr. Tumnus and Lucy exchange names, shake hands (a new experience for the faun), and then Mr. Tumnus invites Lucy to tea. At first, Lucy is unsure, thinking she should be headed back, but Mr. Tumnus insists and off they go.


Sin, Repentance, Accountability, Friendship, Evil


Once inside the faun's home Lucy remarks on a picture of Mr. Tumnus' father and asks if Mr. Tumnus is like him. Almost sadly, Mr. Tumnus admits that he is not like him at all. They sit down and have tea while Mr. Tumnus explains about Narnia's endless winter. Then he tries to help her imagine how things were before the winter came. He offers to play some music for her, and she agrees. But the music is enchanted and magical figures dance in the warm firelight. Lucy falls asleep. When she awakens, Lucy calls out for Mr. Tumnus. But he is across the room with a look of great sorrow on his face. He tells Lucy that he is "a terrible faun." Lucy disagrees, saying that he is "the nicest faun I've ever met!" But he admits to her that he is kidnapping her this very moment on orders of the White Witch -- the one who makes it always winter, but never Christmas. Startled, Lucy says, "But you wouldn't. I thought we were friends." This awakens bravery in Mr. Tumnus, who rushes her out of his home and back toward the lamppost. He tells her that "the woods are full of her spies. Even some of the trees are on her side." He asks if Lucy can find her way back and she assures him that she can. He is crying and she gives him her handkerchief. He tells her, "I'm so sorry" and then hands the handkerchief back. But Lucy tells him to "keep it. You need it more than I do." Mr. Tumnus tells her that "no matter what happens" she has made him "feel warmer than I've felt in 100 years." And then he sends her off.


Note: If you have time, you might want to start the clip where Lucy meets Mr. Tumnus rather than beginning when they go to his home. Mr. Tumnus, fearful of the White Witch's power, determines to hand Lucy over to her. He invites Lucy to his home and then lulls her to sleep so that he can delay her until the witch arrives. It is only when Lucy confronts him, and challenges him to be a good faun, like his father, that Mr. Tumnus not only repents, but aids Lucy in her escape. Sin progresses from desire to thought to plan to deed. At any point in sin's progression you can always choose to stop. We need to repent while there is still time. It always helps to have some accountability from a friend. Lucy was completely in Mr. Tumnus' power, but she appealed to his friendship and that love ultimately overcame the evil he planned. If you are thinking about sin, stop. If you are planning to sin, quit. If you are a true friend, persuade others to do what is right.


Where To Find


James 1:13-15

Proverbs 6:12-19

James 4:7-10

Romans 8:6-13

Galatians 5:13-17

Video Times

Start: 0:18:41

End: 0:24:36


Evil, Sin, Repentance, Accountability, Friend, Friends, Friendship

Illustration Sermon General Warning

Some of the fleeing action could be too intense for very young viewers.

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