Big Idea

Your lusts will do you in.

Scene Setup

Edmund is tired of being the little brother and always having to take orders. He wishes he had the power to lord over his older brother, Peter. But he needs to take care, because the fulfillment of that wish is coming along in a sled, and he may get more than he bargains for.


Lust, power, Gluttony, Pride, Temptation


Edmund has just found his way into Narnia. He calls after his sister, Lucy, but she is nowhere to be found. As he wanders aimlessly in the snowy land he hears the sound of bells, and is startled to find a fast-moving sleigh bearing down upon him. He leaps out of the way and falls into a small snow bank. From the front of the sleigh leaps a dwarf, knife in hand, and Edmund screams for him to stop. Just as the dwarf is about to kill him, a woman's voice from the sleigh orders the dwarf to stop. Then she asks, "What is your name, son of Adam?" Edmund introduces himself and the woman wants to know how he came to be in "my dominion?" Edmund tells her that he was following his sister. The woman, representing herself as the Queen of Narnia, wants to know how many children are in his family. When Edmund tells her "four" her interest is piqued. He tells her all about Lucy and her visit with the faun, Mr. Tumnus, and then names his other brother and sister. The Queen invites Edmund to sit with her in her sled, and when he sits next to her, she wraps her warm furs around him. She offers him something hot to drink, and Edmund asks for hot chocolate, calling her "Your majesty." The Queen opens a bottle and pours a single drop into the snow and what emerges is a goblet of hot chocolate, which Edmund takes and drinks. Edmund wants to know how she did that, and she tells him that she can make anything she wants. When he asks, "Can you make me taller?" she says that she can make anything he might like to eat, but seems to notice his interests. Edmund asks for a dessert, Turkish Delight, and once again she makes it in the snow. Edmund begins cramming it into his mouth. The Queen tells Edmund that she wants to meet his family, but Edmund replies that they "are nothing special." The Queen flatters Edmund, saying that she is sure that his brother and sisters are not as "bright" as is Edmund, but since she has "no children" of her own she is looking for someone like Edmund to make a prince, and someday a king. Edmund, with jealousy in his voice, wants to know if his older brother would get to be "king too." But the Queen, playing off Edmunds emotions, says that his brother and sisters would be his servants. Edmund tells her that he can bring them, so the Queen gives him directions to her home. She says, "You'd love it there, Edmund. There are whole rooms simply stuffed with Turkish Delight." When Edmund asks for more now, the Queen loses her composure and says, "No!" but then recovers and tells him that it would spoil his appetite. Besides, she says, they will see each other soon. She bids him goodbye and Edmund begins to think about how he will get his brother and sisters into Narnia.


The "Queen" -- actually the White Witch -- appealed to Edmund's vanity, his appetites, and his lust for power. All he needs to do to get his heart's desire is sell out his brother and sisters. C.S. Lewis, the author of the book on which this film is based, chided his fellow humans not for wanting too much, but for wanting so little. For the promise of a crown and some sweets Edmund is willing to turn traitor. What does the world promise you to keep you from coming to, or obeying, God? Is it money, fame, illicit sexuality, gluttony, or power? All of these are merely distortions of good things God intends to give those who follow Him. The world offers wealth -- God owns the universe. The world offers fame -- God says we will be known by Him, The world offers illicit sex -- God offers partnership and marriage. The world offers gluttony -- God says not to worry about food or clothes, He knows what you need and will provide. The world's offers always come with a catch. Deny God, do what you know is wrong, and you can have your lusts fulfilled. God asks us to reject the world and follow Him out of love, seeking His kingdom, and we will be blessed with all the rest beside.


Where To Find


Matthew 4:1-11

Matthew 6:25-33

1 John 2:15-17

Luke 22:24-27

Luke 14:7-11

Video Times

Start: 0:29:26

End: 0:34:19


Lust, Power, Gluttony, Pride, Temptation

Illustration Sermon General Warning

The dwarf is threatening and might be scary to very young viewers.

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