Big Idea

Resurrection brings hope.

Scene Setup

Morning is coming. Lucy and Susan have spent the night crying over the dead body of Aslan -- the Great Lion -- who sacrificed himself so that their brother, Edmund, might live. As the dawn begins to break, Lucy notices mice on Aslan's body. Susan reacts with revulsion, but Lucy sees that the mice are gnawing at the ropes with which the White Witch bound Aslan. Eventually they cut through the ropes and they fall away.


Resurrection, New Life, Empower


Finally, when they can weep no more, Susan tells Lucy that they should go. Lucy says, "I'm so cold." They get up and walk away, but suddenly there is an earthquake and a terrible cracking sound. The girls turn around and see the Stone Table broken in two and Aslan's body nowhere to be seen. They are confused. They want to know what has happened. As the sun rises in the east, they look up, and suddenly, with the rays of the rising sun glittering in his mane, Aslan emerges -- resurrected. The girls are overcome with joy, they shout out his name. Aslan comes down to greet them -- all are laughing. But practical Susan has to ask, "But we saw the knife, the Witch..." But Aslan interrupts, "If the Witch knew the true meaning of sacrifice, she may have interpreted the Deep Magic differently. When a willing victim, who has committed no treachery is killed in a traitor's stead, the Stone Table will crack and even death, itself, will turn backwards." Susan tells Aslan that they had sent word of his death to Peter and Edmund who have gone to war. Aslan says he will help, but that they will not go alone. He has the girls climb on his back -- they will have to ride. And just before he leaps into action, he tells them to cover their ears and he lets out a tremendous roar.


Sorrow is on the land of Narnia. The Great Lion, Aslan, has been slain to save the life of a young boy, Edmund, who had been a traitor. It seemed so unfair that Aslan, the innocent, had to die for Edmund, the guilty. But death could not hold the Lion, and here he is, back to life and ready to take the battle to the enemy. Resurrection Sunday is the most important day in the year -- a celebration of the day the Son of God rose from the dead. Out of what appeared to be certain defeat, God revealed His victory over the power of sin by the resurrection of His Son. Now, through His empowerment, we are to join Him in taking the battle to the enemy, that we might make disciples of all nations and extend the Kingdom of God until He returns.


Where To Find


Romans 4:23-25

Galatians 2:20

Romans 6:4-11

Matthew 28:1-10

Video Times

Start: 1:52:40

End: 1:54:56


Resurrection, Resurrect, New Life, Empower

Illustration Sermon General Warning

Just before Aslan comes back to life, the girls are crying over Aslan's body. This may upset very young viewers.

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