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Why do we serve?

Scene Setup

Greg is looking for something that will make him stand out to increase his popularity. So he jumps at the chance to join the Safety Patrol.


self-seeking, Humility, Ambition, Servant, Service


While sitting in class, Greg hears an announcement for the Safety Patrol. He fantasizes that Safety Patrol are "the cops of middle school. They boss people around, report the jerks, and miss class three times a week." He and Rowley head to the safety office to sign up. Mr. Winsky explains that little crimes, such as jaywalking and littering, lead to bigger crimes. "It's our job to stop it, so I ask you, are you up for the job?" Both boys enthusiastically say "Yes!" and Mr. Winsky welcomes them to the team. He tells them, "Just remember, with great power, comes great responsibility." They will start right away, and that means they will miss some of 6th period. Rowley starts to complain that this means they will miss some of algebra, but Greg steps on his foot to stop him. All Greg wants to know is, "Do we get free stuff?" The next thing you know, the boys are in uniform, heading down the stairs with mugs in their hands. Another boy asks if they have hot cocoa. Greg replies in a superior tone, "Sorry, Safety Patrol only."


As the assistant principal explains the duties of safety patrol officers, he emphasizes the need to stop bad behavior, protection and responsibility. He even borrows a line from Spider-man: "With great power comes great responsibility." But all that Greg is interested in is increasing his social status, power, and getting "free stuff." We can see his attitude as he walks down the steps and then says, in a superior tone to a boy who inquires about his hot chocolate, "Sorry, safety patrol only." Why do we serve? Some people serve in order to increase their own social standing. They live for the praise of other people. But the Apostle Paul tells us that when we serve others, we should work as if we were serving God. The goal is not to simply give satisfaction to others, or ourselves (although service can bring those rewards), it is to meet the needs of other people using the gifts that God has given us. Good service can help us to develop a humble heart that recognizes the value in those we serve. Ultimately, it will not be from other people that our reward comes -- it will come from God. So work to serve with a pure heart.


Where To Find


Philippians 2:3-7

1 Peter 4:10-11

Ephesians 6:5-8

Colossians 3:22-24

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Start: 0:45:49

End: 0:47:10


Serve, Service, Self-seeking, Selfish, Ambition, Humble, Humility, Serving, Servant

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