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Movie Synopsis

While relaxing in the jungle, Horton the elephant hears a distinctive voice coming from what seems to be a tiny speck floating on the breeze. Horton manages to rescue the speck, and discovers that an entire tiny world, populated by the Whos, lives upon it. Unfortunately, he is the only one who can hear them.

Horton's unusual behavior catches the attention of jungle busy-body Kangaroo, who tells Horton that he is delusional. The only things that are real, she tells him, are those things that you can see, hear, and touch. She launches a campaign to destroy the speck, and have Horton caged. But no matter the threats, Horton remains faithful to his charge "one-hundred percent," and in the process helps the entire jungle to learn that "a person's a person, no matter how small."

Movie Sermon's General Warning

Horton Hears a Who! contains moments of peril that might be frightening to very young children.







Sermon Illustrations

Big Idea
Is there a world beyond our senses?
Supernatural, Witness, Opposition, truth
Acts 4:5-22   Acts 5:12-42  
Big Idea
How far would you go to save the lost?
Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, Lost, Salvation
Luke 15:1-10   Luke 19:10  
Big Idea
Defending the truth is costly.
Steadfastness, Persecution, Opposition, truth
Matthew 10:16-42   John 16:32-33  

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