Big Idea

Poor planning leads to poor results.

Scene Setup

Bowler Hat Guy is determined to kidnap Lewis and force him to reveal the secret of his memory scanning device, so he goes back in time to recruit a dinosaur to help him snatch the boy.


Scheming, Plans, Wicked, Evil


For fun, you can start this clip early, with Lewis seeing what he thinks is a pet dinosaur and then watch as the dinosaur chases him around, or you can cut to later in the scene when it appears that the dinosaur has Lewis, literally, cornered. Lewis is running across the lawn, the dinosaur in hot pursuit. Bowler Hat Guy is yelling into his communicator for the dinosaur to "Now, go get that boy!" Lewis runs toward the building, putting his back against the inside corner, and watches in horror as the dinosaur approaches. But just when Lewis thinks he is a goner, the dinosaur's head bonks into both sides of the corner. Lewis is so deep in the corner, that the building is getting in way of the dinosaur's head. When the dinosaur tries to grab the boy in its claws, it discovers that its arms are too short. Impatient, Bowler Hat Guy says, "Why aren't you seizing the boy?" In "dinosaur language" (fortunately accompanied by subtitles), the dinosaur replies, "I have a big head, and little arms. I'm just not sure how well this plan was thought through." Bowler Hat Guy stares into his communicator, and the dinosaur, unsure what to do next, says, "Master?"


Bowler Hat Guy thinks that he has it all figured out. He has a plan. He implements the plan. It is fool proof! And then come the little things he hasn't counted upon and it all turns into a big pile of nothing. Even the dinosaur mocks him, saying that the plan doesn't seem well thought out. People plan, think, and scheme, but ultimately the desires of evil people come to nothing. Often God simply steps in and thwarts their plans -- their scheme falls apart, they get caught by parents or police, or God makes a way for the innocent to escape. Even if it appears that wicked people succeed in this life, God has promised a coming judgment. The best path for success does not come from following evil plans. Instead, it comes from following God. He can show us the right way to go.


Where To Find


Proverbs 10:3

Proverbs 16:9

Job 5:12-14

Psalms 127:9

Video Times

Start: 0:55:56

End: 0:56:30


Schemes, Scheme, Scheming, Plan, Plans, Wicked, Evil

Illustration Sermon General Warning

Though it later is funny, initially the chase scene might be intense for very young viewers.

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