Big Idea

Home is a place we belong.

Scene Setup

Paddington has traveled all the way from Peru to London, and is searching for a home. For a time, he thought he had found a home with a wonderful family called the Browns, but after an unfortunate accident, Paddington has decided it is best if he leaves the Browns' home and searches for a place of his own with his Aunt and Uncle's friend, Montgomery Clyde, the explorer. Armed with a list of addresses that correspond to M. Clyde residences, Paddington sets off on his mission to find a home. Little does he know that the Brown family is missing him, and out searching for him as well.


Belonging, Lost, Home, Heaven, Seek


Paddington looks from his list towards the London skyline, surveying the city and identifying all the places he would have to search to find a new home. He goes from one door to the next, asking if anyone knows Montgomery Clyde, the explorer who visited his family in Peru long ago. Meanwhile, Mrs. Brown files a missing person's report at the police station, and they sit and wait dejectedly, hoping that someone has seen their dear little bear. Paddington gets turned away from door after door. No one seems to have heard of Montgomery Clyde, and no one is willing to give the lost bear a home. Desperate, Paddington knocks on the last door on his list, searching in earnest for the explorer who would give him a home, but, once again, it is a dead end. Paddington lets out a long depressed sigh, and hears Montgomery Clyde's voice echoing in his mind. “If ever you come to London, you can be sure of a warm welcome.” A car drives past, splashing cold water all over Paddington. His hopes are dashed. Will he ever find a home?


All of us can relate to the feeling of wanting a place to belong. All of us want a home where we can feel safe and secure. The Bible says that, as Christians, we should find our peace and hope in Jesus Christ (Psalm 147:11). He gives us meaning and worth, and a place to belong (Psalm 34:18). Just like Paddington, the search can be long and arduous, and at times feel hopeless, but scripture says that those who seek will find, and to those who knock, the door will be opened (Matthew 7:7-8). While Paddington searched for a home, he did not realize that a home was also searching for him. The Browns wanted their lost bear back, and were willing to go to whatever lengths to find him. In our own search for peace and a place to belong, we often forget that God is also seeking us. He is the one that has called us (2 Timothy 1:9, 1 John 4:10). Luke 15:1-7 describes God as a Shepherd who is looking for his lost sheep to bring them home. So when we feel lost and depressed, and our last glimmer of hope has been put out, when it feels like our last chance just fell through, remember, just like Paddington and the Browns, there is someone out there who cares about us. God is seeking us even harder than we are seeking Him, and He is just waiting for the perfect opportunity to bring us home, where we can be a part of His family. And best of all, Jesus has prepared a place for us so that we will be with Him one day, and then we will never part.


Where To Find


Psalms 34:18

Luke 15:1-7

Matthew 7:7-8

John 14:2-3

Psalms 23:1-6

Video Times

Start: 1:06:38

End: 1:08:38


Belong, Belonging, Hope, Hopeless, Lost, Found, Seek, Searching, Home, Place, Lost Sheep, Lost Coin

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None for this scene.

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