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Love makes us family.

Scene Setup

Paddington has traveled all the way from Peru to London, and is searching for a home. After being captured by the evil taxidermist, Millicent Clyde, Paddington escapes with the help of the Brown family, who have daringly come to his rescue. They reach the rooftop of the natural history museum, when Millicent corners them.


Love, Acceptance, Adoption, Church, Family


Millicent keeps her tranquilizer gun trained on the Brown family and commands them to hand over the bear. Mrs. Brown steps forward, telling the evil taxidermist, “No. We won't do that. He's family.” Millicent laughs. “Family? You're not even the same species.” Paddington sighs. “It's true...” “It is true,” Mr. Brown interrupts. “And when I first met Paddington I wanted nothing to do with him. But my wonderful wife, she opened her heart to him, and so did my incredible children. And now I have too! It doesn't matter that he comes from the other side of the world, or that he's a different species, or that he has a worrying marmalade habit.” Mr. Brown places himself between Millicent's gun, and the bear. “We love Paddington, and that makes him family! And families stick together!”


Family is an amazing thing. God created family back in the garden of Eden when he told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1:28). Civilizations have been built around the idea of family. Wars have been fought for family. Battles have been stopped by the idea of family. Family has defined the way the world runs since the dawn of time. But more important than the physical family we are born into, is our spiritual family. Those who believe in Jesus Christ and trust him for their salvation are a part of God's family (John 1:12). Just like when Mr. Brown says, “We love Paddington, and that makes him family,” Christ's love for us is what has made us a part of His family. 1 John 4:19 says that we love Him because he first loved us. Mr. Brown follows up this statement by saying, “families stick together.” Scripture says that what defines our spiritual family is our love for one another (John 13:35), and tells us to stick together, bearing one another's burdens and helping each other, through good times and bad (Galatians 6:2). Paddington spent the entire film searching for a home, but more than that, he was searching for a family. Mrs. Brown opened up her heart to Paddington, and brought him into their family. Many of us spend our entire lives searching for a family. We look for people who look like us, or think like us, or the family that we are born into. Kind of like Mrs. Brown did for Paddington, Jesus has extended His love to us (Ephesians 2:4-5). He has opened up the family of God, the church, to us. All we have to do is accept His sacrifice on our behalf, and His love and He brings us into the family of God.


Where To Find


Ephesians 2:4-5

Genesis 1:28

Galatians 6:2

John 13:35

John 1:12

Video Times

Start: 1:21:36

End: 1:22:30


Family, Church, Adoption, Adopt, Accept, Acceptance, Love One Another, Love

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None for this scene.

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