Big Idea

Who do you obey?

Scene Setup

Now that Captain Jack Sparrow has been rescued, both he and Captain Barbossa are on the same ship. Two captains, one ship, a recipe for chaos.


Authority, Lawlessness, Follow, Leadership, Strife


Both Jack Sparrow and Barbossa are striding across the deck of the Black Pearl barking out orders -- Barbossa first, and then Jack repeats Barbossa's orders verbatim. Irritated, Barbossa turns to face Jack and says "What arrr ye doin'?" to which Jack replies, "What are you doing?" They do this three times before Jack finally says, "The captain gives the orders on this ship!" Barbossa confidently asserts, "The captain is giving the orders on this ship." Jack counters, "My ship. Makes me captain!" Barbossa says, "They be my charts!" to which Jack replies, "That makes you, uh, chart man." Both are brought up short when Pintel, a scurvy pirate, begins shouting, "Stow it, the both of you! That's an order! Understand?!" Both captains stop and look at Pintel with daggers in their eyes. Pintel holds his ground for just a second, and then shrinks back, saying, "Sorry. I just thought that, with the captain issue in doubt, I'd throw in my name for consideration...sorry." The two captains walk away in disgust, but Pintel's friend Ragetti says, "I'd vote for you."


Many people say that they don't like authority, but imagine what the world would be like without it. Who could you trust to administer justice, determine moves on a football field, or perform brain surgery? It would be a cultural free-for-all. In the absence of clear authority what we find is not peace, but chaos. When everyone believes that their rule would be just as good as anyone elses, all you are left with is anarchy. One of the most important lessons we ned to learn is that God created us and the world that we live in. In short, God's world -- makes Him captain; and what's more, He is a good, benign, and loving Lord. God loves order, so He has given us His commands through His Word, and spiritual leaders to follow who exercise authority through the preaching, teaching, and application of God's Word. Finally, God has given us government. The Scripture teaches that all authority is from God, even governmental authority. As long as the government's law do not violate the commands of God, we are to obey. Ultimately, we are made to serve God. But if we will not serve Him, we will serve something else. In no time we find that we are held fast in the grip of what enslaves us: money, sex, lust for power -- sin. Rejecting authority we are cast adrift. But even then God is there, wanting to free us and pull us aboard. What rules your life? Who is your Captain?


Where To Find


Matthew 6:24

1 Corinthians 3:1-9

Romans 13:1-6

Exodus 20:2-3

John 8:31-36

Video Times

Start: 0:44:59

End: 0:45:50


Authority, Lawlessness, Lawless, Follow, Lead, Leadership, Strife, Quarreling

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