Big Idea

God exalts the humble.

Scene Setup

Princess Mia is riding in a carriage with the queen on Genovia's Independence Day.


Poor, Orphan, Adoption, Humble, Exalt


As the princess and the queen ride along in their carriage, Mia notices a young girl being teased by two boys in front of the Genovian orphanage. She stops the carriage, and the parade, gets out and then walks over to confront the boys. The Viscount Mabrey's only comment is that interrupting the parade is "rude." Mia approaches the children and greets them. Then she sees the little girl who was being bullied and asks her name. The girl replies, "Carolina." Then she asks the two boys behind Carolina their names and then adds, "Did I see you messing with Carolina?" Carolina says, "They were tugging on my braids!" The two boys look at each other and run away. Mia finds the man in charge to inquire about the children and he tells her that they are orphans, "We care for as many as possible." Viscount Mabrey chimes in, "Hugging orphans! How vulgar, low, despicable, political trick!" Mia asks Carolina, "Would you like to be a princess today?" But Carolina responds, "I can't. I'm too little." But Mia smiles and says, "Oh no. I declare that anyone can be a princess today. So why don't we get you a tiara, and then you can wave and march in the parade." Then Mia looks at all the orphan children and says, "In fact, why don't you all take tiaras?" The street peddler with the tiaras says, "Give them ALL free tiaras?" But Mia assures him that she will pay for it. Suddenly happiness breaks out on the faces of all the girls and they clamor for tiaras. Mia tells Carolina that it will be hard for her to wave with her thumb in her mouth, but Carolina says she can wave with her other hand, One of the boys asks if he can be a prince, and Mia says, "Of course, we all could use more princes in the world." Mia assembles the children for the parade and gives some instructions. "To be a princess, you have to believe that you're a princess. You've got to walk the way you think a princess would walk -- think tall. You've got to smile and wave and have fun. Are you ready?" The children cheer. Lord Nicholas comments, "Ah, she's letting the children join her, how charming." But Viscount Mabrey says, "Not to everyone." Then as they march along, even Carolina forgets to suck her thumb and waves as she walks along with Princess Mia.


When Mia sees the mistreatment of Carolina by the two older boys, she stops the ceremony to intervene. Viscount Mabrey finds Mia consorting with orphans to be distasteful, but Mia wants to raise them up. She gives them tiaras and chooses to walk with them instead of riding in a royal carriage. Princess Mia is a mortal, limited ruler. She does what she can, and makes the children princesses for a day. Scripture says that the meek will inherit the earth, but that is only true if there is a benevolent God who cares for the powerless and downtrodden of the world. God saw our lowly condition, estranged from God and one another, and decided to step down, enter our world, and intervene on our behalf. Some hated the idea of the Lord consorting with sinners, but he did it anyway out of His love for us. He wants to make us His sons and daughters for eternity.


Where To Find


Proverbs 16:19

Matthew 11:18-19

Psalms 37:7-11

Proverbs 29:23

Philippians 3:17-21

Video Times

Start: 0:54:25

End: 0:57:43


Poor, Orphan, Adoption, Adopt, Humble, Humility, Exalt, Exalted

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None for this scene.

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