Big Idea

Wisdom is the application of knowledge.

Scene Setup

After discovering the pitiful nature of Genovia's children's shelter, Princess Mia has a plan.


Wisdom, Justice, Service, Orphan


Princess Mia convenes a committee to discuss ways to deal with Genovia's orphans. She tells them that her winter palace will be turned into a summer shelter for the orphans of Genovia. One of the Parliament members tries to dissuade her, "The use of the castle as a resort is sort of a perk for members of parliament." Mia responds, "Well, I'm going to de-perk it and convert it to a children's shelter until money can be raised for one of their own. I feel guilty having two homes when they have none. Lord Crowley, how is your brother doing?" Lord Crowley admits that he does not speak to his brother. Mia declares that she has hired Crowley's brother as architect of the new project and then ushers him into the room. Almost immediately, the two brothers begin bickering about their relative involvement in the project until Mia brings discussion to a halt, "The queen approves of the plan and I intend to see it through. Now, gentlemen, I don't think it will take too long to raise the money, do you?"


Princess Mia knew that the winter palace was prized by parliament, and that they would not like her plan so were likely to take forever implementing it. By taking away a privilege of the upper classes of Genovia, and making the prospect of dragging out the project uncomfortable by hiring a contentious brother, Princess Mia was able to quickly provide for the orphans of her country. Taking knowledge and applying it to achieve practical justice is a form of what is called wisdom. But knowing is not enough, we need to act. God rewards those who look after widows and orphans.


Where To Find


Proverbs 25:2

Psalms 72:1-4

Job 29:11-16

Video Times

Start: 0:57:57

End: 0:59:07


Wisdom, Service, Justice, Orphan, Orphans

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None for this scene.

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