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Movie Synopsis

Beginning with his childhood in rural Georgia in the 1930s, Ray chronicles the tumultous rise of pioneering singer Ray Charles. Focusing primarily on the first half of his career, the film explores the impact of Ray's blindness at the age of six and his haunting memory of the drowning death of his younger brother. The film is not hero worship; it does not sugar coat Ray Charles' drug use, womanizing, adultery, and driven perfectionism. Instead it explores how he eventually navigated a twisted path in the dark to become an American musical institution.

Movie Sermon's General Warning

Ray contains profanity, adulterous relationships, drug use, and sexual situations in exploring the actual life of the famous singer.







Sermon Illustrations

Big Idea
Difficulty is the key ingredient in growth.
Maturity, Struggle, Suffering, Trials
Ephesians 4:11-16   Romans 5:3-5  

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