Big Idea

The Lord guides the steps of those who trust in Him.

Scene Setup

Captain Miller has been sent with a small band of men to seek out and bring home a private who is the sole surviving son in his family. His brothers have all been killed in combat. Along the way, Miller's men join up with other Allied forces pinned down by sniper fire in a French village. One of Miller's men, Caparzo, has just gone down, and now it is up to Corporal Jackson, Miller's sniper, to break the impasse, and make a way for the troops.


Calling, Trust, Prayer, Wisdom


Jackson and Miller take cover behind a car. Miller says that he did not see where the shot came from, but Jackson immediately points out the bell tower, noting "That?s where I?d be. 450 yards, Captain, maybe a shade under.? Jackson issues a warning to the other men: ?I wouldn?t venture out there fellas, this sniper?s got talent.? Caparzo is dying, but he has a letter for his father that he wants one of the men to copy and send for him. Members of the unit want to go to him, but to do so while the sniper is out there would be suicide. Jackson appreciates the German sniper?s skills, but he does not fear them. Clearly Jackson is ?talented? as well, but Jackson does not rely on his talent alone. As he fixes his scope he prays from Psalm 25:2 ?Oh my God, I trust in thee, let me not be ashamed, let not my enemies triumph over me.? He then takes aim into the darkened bell tower window, and does not merely kill the sniper, he shoots his bullet through the rival sniper?s scope, into his eye.


Jackson does not triumph over the kill, he is merely a man executing his Calling, who relied, not on his skill alone, but on his relationship with the Caller to make his aim true. Jackson shoots into the darkness, he cannot see his foe. He calls on God for aid, and completely trusts that God will answer. Often we are called to exercise faith in making decisions when we cannot see where the road will lead. Trusting in human wisdom alone often leads to bad decisions. Asking God for wisdom, and following where God explicitly leads in His Word will help us adhere to the right path.


Where To Find


James 1:5-8

Psalms 25:1-3

Psalms 11:1-7

Video Times

Start: 00:52:50

End: 00:55:55


Calling, Trust, Prayer, Wisdom

Illustration Sermon General Warning

This is a very intense scene. One of the soldiers, Caparzo, has been hit, and the blood, washing away from his body in the rain, is visible. One of the officers says "dammit" as an exclamation. The stop numbers listed below include Corporal Jackson's kill shot. If you want to avoid showing this graphic part of the scene, stop the DVD at 00:54:55, and describe it instead.

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