Big Idea

To escape sin, change direction.

Scene Setup

On their way to the gates of Tartarus, Sinbad, Marina, and the crew find that they must navigate their ship through the Dragon's Teeth -- a very narrow and rocky passage.


Repentance, Change, Self-control, Will


As Marina looks at the dangerous path they must take through the Dragon's Teeth, she tries to ask Sinbad if this course is wise. She begins, "Are you sure you know what..." and Sinbad cuts her off, "Yes, we've done this kind of thing before.. No, there is no other way... and, yes, you have my permission to stand there quietly and get a free lesson in sailing...besides, a ship is no place for a woman." Frustrated, she steps aside as Sinbad angles the ship into the Dragon's Teeth. The going is slow and treacherous. There are rocks everywhere, and the area is littered with the broken hulls of ships who have foolishly come before. Suddenly an eerie song fills the air, and slowly the sailors become spellbound. From the skeletons of the broken ships emerge Sirens, depicted as female water spirits, and the sailors lose interest in keeping the ship on course. Only Marina is unaffected. She tries to awaken the sailors but they are too far gone. She looks ahead and sees what awaits -- a flume of water that will send the ship smashing against the rocks. Marina searches for a way of escape and off to her left she spies open water. As the ship plunges toward the flume, she has the ships dog deploy grappling hooks that catch on a pole. Using the speed of the ship and the point to turn on, the ship careens around. Marina releases just in time and the ship is flung clear of danger and out into the open water. Slowly, the men recover and recognize how close they had come to destruction.


Before Marina could bring the ship to safety, she had to change her focus. Originally horrified by the imminent danger ahead, it would have been easy for her to be paralyzed by indecision, and dashed to pieces on the rocks. Instead, she shifted her gaze, found the true way to safety, and fixed her purpose on that path. This scene is a riveting demonstration of true repentance. Pride leads to danger. Once in the clutches of sin, we are flung headlong toward destruction. The only way out is to change our orientation -- to find the true path, the safe water -- and bend our will to go in the right way, trusting God to empower us.


Where To Find


Proverbs 4:14-19

Acts 26:15-18

1 Peter 3:11

Proverbs 7:6-27

Psalms 74:1-23

Video Times

Start: 0:29:45

End: 0:34:13


Repentance, Change, Self-control, Will, The Way, Path, Turn

Illustration Sermon General Warning

The Sirens are depicted as watery spirits in a female form. One of them kisses Sinbad. The scene also is full of dramatic tension.

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