Big Idea

Outward morality is not enough.

Scene Setup

Sinbad and Marina have sailed to the gates of Tartarus, where they meet Eris, the goddess of chaos. They have come to retrieve the Book of Peace, stolen by Eris, so that they can go back to Syracuse to save Prince Proteus.


Will, Bravery, Cowardice, Selflessness, Betrayal


Eris finally admits that she has the Book of Peace, and suggests a wager to Sinbad in order for him to get it back. She says that she will ask Sinbad a question, and if he answers truthfully, the Book is his. She already knows what Sinbad will do if he gets the Book, what she wants to know is what will he do if he doesn't. Will he go back to Syracuse to die, or will he run away with Marina, "the woman of your dreams" and betray Prince Proteus who has pledged his life on Sinbad's return? Sinbad thinks hard, his eyes widen, and he says, "I will go back." Thinking that he has won, Sinbad steps forward to take the Book, but the ground beneath him begins to crumble and he and Marina begin to fall. Eris says, "You're lying!" and laughs as they fall away, back to earth. Marina cannot understand what has happened. She believes that they played by the rules, and Eris has cheated. Sinbad disagrees; he says that he was trying to "pass himself off as someone I'm not." Marina pleads with Sinbad to run away, that she will return to Syracuse to explain what happened. She says that she cannot bear to see Sinbad die because she loves him. He turns to her and asks, "But could you love someone who ran away?"


Talk is cheap. It is easy to say what we "would" have done; it is much harder to actually do it -- especially if the actions we intend involve pain, hardship, or peril. Sinbad talks like a hero, but could not perform like one. The good news is, that it is never too late to change -- at any time we can forsake the self-serving path, and choose to follow the truth. All it takes is an act of the will.


Where To Find


Matthew 21:28-32

Matthew 23:25-28

Acts 5:1-11

Video Times

Start: 1:02:54

End: 1:07:38


Will, Bravery, Cowardice, Selflessness, Betrayal

Illustration Sermon General Warning

Eris speaks seductively, and there are some intense moments in this scene.

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