Big Idea

Disappoint the devil - tell the truth.

Scene Setup

In Tartarus, Sinbad was put to the test by the goddess of chaos, Eris. All he had to do was tell the truth about what he would do if he could not complete his task -- run away, or return to Syracuse without the Book of Peace. He said he would return, but Eris names him liar. Eventually, he admits it to himself and to Marina. Now, ten days have elapsed, and Prince Proteus is due to die in Sinbad's place.


Justification, Devil, Satan, Accusation, truth


Prince Proteus' trust in Sinbad appears to have been misplaced. As the sun sets on the tenth day since he claimed the right of substitution, the time comes for him to be executed. He lays his head down on the chopping block, and the headsman's ax is raised. Just as it is about to come down, a flying knife shatters the handle and the ax head falls harmlessly to the block. Up over the battlement comes Sinbad, Marina, and his crew. Prince Proteus is obviously overjoyed to see him. Sinbad says, "I'll bet you thought I wasn't going to make it." Proteus says that he was "beginning to wonder." They embrace, and Proteus asks about the Book of Peace. Sinbad says, "I did my best, it wasn't enough." Proteus, realizing that this means a death sentence for Sinbad, is astonished, "No. You came back anyway." Sinbad replies, "How could I do anything else, my friend." Sinbad places his head on the block, where Proteus' was just moments ago. The headsman takes up his sword and then brings it down with all his might. Just as it reaches Sinbad's neck, it shatters into pieces. Out of the clouds, Eris, the goddess of chaos, appears. She is clearly angry and says, "How dare you. Everything was going perfectly and now you do this!" Eris says that Sinbad's noble act is only a show, "I know who you are, you're a selfish, unprincipled liar!" Sinbad says, "Wait a minute. I didn't lie. I came back...I told the truth! And wasn't there something about being bound for all eternity?" Eris rises up as if to strike Sinbad, but in the end she is forced by her earlier bargain to produce the Book of Peace. Sinbad has returned the Book, and saved the life of his friend.


Application 1: Sinbad returns to face his death and, in doing so, demonstrates that he was telling the truth about his intentions. Yet, instead of dying, he lives, gains back the Book of Peace, and is set free. While things may not always turn out so well in this world, Jesus promised that sin would enslave us, but that the truth would make us free. Application 2: Eris is the demonic figure in this film, but even she is bound in her dealings to some degree. This final scene in the film is a good example of Satan as the accuser of the brethren. Eris tells lies concerning Sinbad, but when the truth comes out it is Sinbad who escapes punishment and Eris whose plots are thwarted. Satan tells lies about, and to, Christians -- but when the truth of Christ's sacrifice comes out, and our innocence is established through Him, the devil's plots are thwarted and it is he who suffers loss.


Where To Find


John 8:31-37

1 Peter 5:8-10

Revelation 12:9-10

John 8:38-45

Video Times

Start: 1:07:45

End: 1:12:45


Justification, Justified, Devil, Satan, Accuser, Truth, Freedom, Accuser, Accusation, Lie, Liar

Illustration Sermon General Warning

Very gripping scenes of impending executions (though they never actually happen).

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