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Movie Synopsis

At Carl Hayden Community High School, the students aren’t expected to achieve much. Their classes are undersupplied, programs are underfunded, and half the students are undocumented immigrants who can be deported at a moment’s notice. But four of those undocumented students have a dream- to compete against the likes of MIT in a National Underwater Robotics Competition. When a new, down-on-his-luck engineering substitute teacher, Dr. Fredi Cameron, comes to their school, they seize the opportunity to form a robotics club and begin plans to build their machine. However, at every turn, they are faced with new challenges- family conflicts, fundraising problems, and technical issues plague them at every turn. At times, it seems like these trials will be insurmountable. But through hard work, ingenuity, and a few spare parts, they make their way across state lines to enter into the national competition.

Movie Sermon's General Warning

Spare Parts contains profanity and some violence. It is rated PG-13 by the MPAA.







Sermon Illustrations

Big Idea
God can use anybody to fulfill His plans.
Value, Worth, Perspective, Exalt
Psalms 127:1   Psalms 68:5-6  

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