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God can use anybody to fulfill His plans.

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Spare Parts is the true story of four teens of undocumented parents attending an Arizona high school. These students dream of winning an underwater robotics competition. However, at Carl Hayden Community High School, the students are incredibly underprivileged. The world (and their school system) has utterly failed them, making them believe that they are hopeless, worthless, and can make nothing of themselves. Although they eventually go on to win the competition (against the likes of MIT, Virginia Tech, and Cornell), their journey is an uphill battle.


Value, Worth, Perspective, Exalt, Weak


When Dr. Freddy Cameron first gets the substitute position at Carl Hayden High, the principal takes him through the school, describing the situation most of the kids are in. Only around a third of the students will make it to college, she tells him, but most of them will drop out after a semester or two. About half of the students are children of undocumented immigrants, and US Immigration takes students without warning. The students are restless and fight. The school is vastly undersupplied to provide a decent education to 2,000 students.


The students who attend Carl Hayden High School are some of the lowest on the social ladder. They are vulnerable, undocumented immigrants with few opportunities and even fewer expectations. The school has low expectations of the students and the students have low expectations of themselves. They’ve learned from their schools and societies that they won’t make anything of themselves, and so have little motivation to try. However, great things can come from the most unlikely of people. Jesus knew this best of all. When he was choosing his disciples, many would assume that He would seek out the most well-educated teachers, the wealthiest businessmen, or the most powerful politicians. Instead, he chose fishermen, carpenters, and even the hated tax collectors. (Luke 6:12-16) And when God wanted someone to rescue Egypt from famine, he chose Joseph -- a youngest son who was sold into slavery and thrown into prison -- to become the second most powerful and influential person in the country (Genesis 41:39-41). The Bible is full of examples of God choosing to raise up the weak and powerless to accomplish His purposes. It’s also full of commands to respect and take care of those that have less than us. Deuteronomy 27:19 says that those who withhold justice from the foreigner, fatherless, or widow will be cursed. The Lord is called a father to the fatherless and defender of widows in Psalm 68:5. He values all of His children, and He achieves incredible things through them. Jesus knew that the way the world judged the value of a person was different than His way. Our value doesn’t come from our social standing, but the fact that we were lovingly created by God (Psalm 139:14) and in His image. And although the world will tell you that you are useless without good looks, money, or power, Christ breaks through all of that and says that with Him, you are enough.


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Psalms 127:1

Psalms 68:5-6

Deuteronomy 27:19

Genesis 41:30-41

Luke 6:12-16

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Start: 0:08:50

End: 0:09:52


Value, Worth, Self-worth, Weak, Weakness, Strong, Strength, Strengthen, Perspective, Exalt, Image, Image-bearer

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