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God is unfair in His treatment of us, and we should be grateful.

Scene Setup

Han, Chewbacca, and Leia have had multiple close calls with the Empire, but nothing like this before. After narrowly escaping the imperial fleet chasing them, they plot a course to Cloud City, where Han’s friend Lando can help them. However, things quickly go awry when they discover that Lando has agreed to turn the group over in exchange for protection from the Empire. Han, Chewbacca, and Leia are captured, but Lando strikes a deal with Darth Vader for Leia and Chewbacca’s safety.


Covenant, Gospel, Redemption, Promises, Grace


Lando stands outside a door with Boba Fett, the bounty hunter, and a few Stormtroopers. They can hear Han’s screams from inside as Vader tortures him. It’s clear that Lando is uncomfortable with it, and as soon as Vader comes out of the room, Lando tries to get his attention. However, Vader turns to Boba instead and tells him that he may take Han to Jabba the Hut to claim his bounty. At this, Lando grows furious, asking what will happen to Leia and Chewbacca. When Vader tells him that they will be forced to stay in Cloud City forever, Lando won’t have it. “That was never a condition of our agreement, neither was giving Han to this bounty hunter!” he yells. “Perhaps you think you’re being treated unfairly?” Vader asks him, threateningly. And immediately, Lando backs down. “This deal is getting worse all the time,” he complains, walking away.


When Lando made a deal with Darth Vader, he assumed that everything would continue as they had agreed upon. However, he did not take into account that Vader was infinitely stronger than Lando, and more evil. So when Vader went back on his word, Lando could do nothing about it, and, frankly, should not have been surprised. He made a deal with the devil, and he got scorched. Now, for Christians, we know that God made a covenant -- a deal -- with humanity. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve agreed to not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in order to stay in perfect relationship with God (Genesis 2:16-17). We also know that Adam and Eve broke that deal, and the consequences have echoed throughout all of humanity since that day. Because of this, we no longer have perfect relationship with God in life, or in death. Our just penalty is eternal separation from God in hell (2 Thessalonians 1:9). That is the deal that was made, and those are the consequences of not following through on our end of the agreement. No one may say that it is unfair, or unjust, or cruel. It is exactly what humanity deserves, because every one of us has broken our agreement with God at one point or another (Romans 5:12). However, God made a way out of the consequences of our failure. It is His son, Jesus, who paid the penalty for our sin so that we no longer have to (Hebrews 2:9). He lived the life we should have, but could not live, and died the death that we deserved to die, so that we could once again enter into right relationship with God (John 3:16). Now that isn’t fair. Not only did God show us mercy in denying us the fate we rightfully deserved, he showed us grace as well by blessing us with the joy of knowing Him that we don’t deserve. Our lives (and our debts) have been paid, so now we may live our life the way it was meant to be lived -- in close, intimate relationship with the God of the universe who loves us deeply. It is not fair -- for God alone bore our burden -- but it is just, for God is a righteous Judge. And this new deal with God? Well, it just keeps getting better all the time.


Where To Find


Genesis 2:16-17

Romans 5:12-14

Romans 5:6-11

Hebrews 2:9

John 3:16

Video Times

Start: 1:29:48

End: 1:30:34


Covenant, Gospel, Redemption Promise, Promises, Redeem, Debt, Grace

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None for this scene.

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