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Movie Synopsis

It has been a year since the Pevensie children: Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy returned to England from their first adventures in Narnia. But in Narnia, 1,300 years have passed. The land is ruled by the evil usurper, Miraz, who is plotting to put his nephew, Prince Caspian, to death so that the crown might pass to his own newborn son. In Caspian's flight from his murderous uncle's henchmen, he finds himself in dire straits, and so he blows the legendary horn of Queen Susan, hoping that help will arrive.

In response to the call, the Pevensie children are drawn back into Narnia. As Susan, Edmund, and Lucy struggle with how to best get to Caspian and bring aid to the embattled Narnians, High King Peter will face his greatest challenges ever: pride and doubt.

Movie Sermon's General Warning

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian contains some relatively bloodless battle violence and some scary creatures.







Sermon Illustrations

Big Idea
Why are we tempted to serve other gods?
Idolatry, Desperation, False gods, Impatience
Isaiah 40:27-31   1 Samuel 28:4-19  
Big Idea
To see God you must seek God.
Seek, Lost, Pride, Direction
Luke 11:9-13   Acts 17:22-31  
Big Idea
Believe? Obey.
Signs, Proof, Evidence, Obedience
John 14:6-11   John 20:26-29  

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