Big Idea

To see God you must seek God.

Scene Setup

Peter is leading Susan, Edmund, Lucy and the dwarf, Trumpkin, through the woods, trying to find the fastest route to join with the Narnian army.


Seek, Lost, Pride, Direction, Follow


When the girls complain that things do not look familiar, Peter retorts, "That's the problem with girls, can't carry a map in their heads." Lucy fires back, "That's because our heads have something in them." Susan says that she wishes that Peter had "listened to the D.L.F. in the first place." When Trumpkin wants to know what the letters stand for, they tell him "Dear Little Friend" -- meaning him -- which he finds a bit condescending. In the meantime, Peter can't find the trail, and he doesn't understand why. He says to himself, "I'm not lost." Trumpkin hears him and says, "No, you're just going the wrong way." Peter, intent on proving himself right, says that based on where Trumpkin last saw Caspian, "The quickest way there is to cross at the river rush." Trumpkin replies, "But unless I'm mistaken, there's no crossing in these parts." Unwilling to be corrected, Peter snidely says, "That explains it, then. You're mistaken." They continue to march forward until they come to a cliff. At the bottom, with no crossing in sight, runs the river they sought. As they have been away from Narnia for 1300 years, Susan thinks it is time to give Peter a lesson on rivers and soil erosion. Peter just tells her to, "Shut up." Edmund asks if there is a way down, and Trumpkin replies, "Yeah. Falling." Peter insists that they were not lost, but Trumpkin explains that they can ford the river at Beruna. As they prepare to leave Lucy shouts, "Aslan?" Then she turns to the others saying, "It's Aslan. It's Aslan over there! Don't you see? He's right..." But when they all turn, no one can see Aslan, and he has disappeared even from Lucy's view. Trumpkin, wondering if Lucy has lost her mind, asks, "Do you see him now?" Lucy says, "I'm not crazy. He was there. He wanted us to follow him." Peter does not believe her. He thinks she has seen some wild lion in the woods, just like the wild bear they met on a river bank earlier. Lucy replies, "I think I know Aslan when I see him." Trumpkin casts his vote: "Look, I'm not about to jump off a cliff after someone who doesn't exist!" Edmund explains, "The last time I didn't believe Lucy, I ended up looking pretty stupid." Peter, the High King, thinks that Aslan rightfully should have appeared to him first. He asks Lucy, "Why wouldn't I have seen him?" But Lucy, knowing that Peter is more interested in regaining his own glory than seeking Aslan, tells him, "Maybe your weren't looking." Peter, unconvinced, leads the party in the other direction. Edmund and Lucy reluctantly follow him.


Peter has a problem. He is so interested in asserting his own authority that he no longer looks to Aslan for leadership. He confidently asserts that he is not lost, but he is. He is lost in the woods, without any sense of how to find his way. And he is personally lost, having abandoned Aslan's way for his own. Even when Aslan tries to put him back on the path, Peter cannot receive it, because the information comes from his little sister. Lucy rightly explains to Peter that the reason he did not see Aslan is that he was not looking for him. He was too busy looking at himself. Ever since the beginning, humans have wanted to be gods. It is the first evil desire in the garden of Eden (Genesis 3:1-4). It is the defiant cry of King of Babylon (Isaiah 14:12-14). It is the motivation at the heart of every sin: "my way, not God's." The only problem is, apart from God, we do not know the way. We walk around in confident defiance, but the truth is that we are lost. God is not hiding from us. Paul tells the Athenians that God is near. God has revealed Himself in history, in His Word, and in the person of His Son, Jesus. But in order to get on the right path, we have to believe in God and believe that He will lead us in the right way. Without faith, we merely stumble about in the dark. If you want to see God, seek God. Pray to Him. Read His Word. Seek the counsel of those who know Him well. He will reveal Himself to you, and He will direct your life's path.


Where To Find


Luke 11:9-13

Acts 17:22-31

Isaiah 14:12-14

2 Chronicles 15:1-4

Proverbs 3:5-6

Video Times

Start: 0:40:27

End: 0:43:10


Seek, Seeks, Lost, Pride, Proud, Flesh, Direction, Path, Fool, Folly, Follow, Follows

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