Big Idea

Believe? Obey.

Scene Setup

Ever since returning to Narnia, Peter has experienced setback after setback. He is trying very hard to establish his own leadership, but nothing is going as planned. After his latest defeat, he goes to sit at the Stone Table.


Signs, Proof, Evidence, Obedience, Good works


Peter sits, with his back to the Stone Table, staring out at an image of Aslan that adorns the wall in front of him. Lucy comes to sit beside him. Peter is visibly distressed. Looking at the image, Peter speaks to Lucy, "You're lucky, you know?" Lucy answers, "What do you mean?" Peter says, "To have seen him. I wish he'd have given me some sort of proof." Lucy replies, "Maybe we're the ones who need to prove ourselves to him."


This is a very small scene with a very big message. Peter has failed. He is looking for a scapegoat -- someone on whom to dump the blame for his disasters. He sits and feels sorry for himself. But Lucy has just the right words for Peter's troubled heart. The problem is not Aslan, the problem is them. Instead of waiting for additional signs, they should simply do the kinds of thing that they know Aslan would expect of them. There can be no wrong in that. Most people are a lot like Peter. They say that they want God to show Himself to them, but He already has -- in history, in His Word, and in the person of Jesus. Still, they say, they want more -- they want a sign. History shows, however, that even when God directly revealed Himself to Israel, for example, in no time they were back to their disobedient ways. Jesus blessed those who believed without seeing. We have more than enough proof to believe God. Do we give God enough proof to believe us? What would it mean to prove ourselves to God? The Bible offers some answers, including obedience and good works. If we say we belong to God, but do not obey Him, the Apostle John says we are liars. If we say we have faith, but have no works to back it up, the Apostle James says our faith is dead. Instead of looking for God to appear to us and provide a detailed plan for our own personal lives, perhaps we should begin by obeying what He has revealed in His word, and walking in the good works He has already prepared for us to do.


Where To Find


John 14:6-11

John 20:26-29

Ephesians 4:1-3

James 2:14-17

1 John 2:3-6

Video Times

Start: 1:33:07

End: 1:33:49


Sign, Signs, Proof, Proofs, Evidence, Obey, Obedience, Work, Works, Good Works, Calling, Worthy, Call

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None for this scene.

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