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Movie Synopsis

Jason Tripitikas loves martial arts movies. That is why it is only natural that he has befriended an ancient Chinese shopkeeper, Old Hop, who keeps racks of the films on hand. But Jason's interest in martial arts does not include any skills of his own. So when some local street hoods force Charlie to help them break into the Old Hop's store, Jason weakly goes along. But what begins as a simple robbery turns into anything but. Old Hop resists and in the confusion that follows, Jason finds himself in possession of an ancient staff that magically transports him to another world where he is joined by The Silent Monk, Lu Yan the immortal, and the beautiful Golden Sparrow, who is bent on revenge. Before he can return home, Jason discovers that he must find a way to return the staff to the legendary Monkey King, but to do so he must fight his way through assassins, armies, an evil witch, and the Jade Warlord. Jason is determined to quit being a spectator in life, and to become part of the action.

Movie Sermon's General Warning

The Forbidden Kingdom contains action violence.







Sermon Illustrations

Big Idea
The spiritual walk is one step at a time.
Discipleship, Discipline, Work, Obedience
1 Corinthians 9:24-27   1 Timothy 4:7-11  
Big Idea
You can't receive knowledge if you already "know everything."
Pharisee, Learning, Fill, Vessel
Mark 10:17-31   Luke 18:9-14  

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