Big Idea

Be in the battle; not on the sidelines.

Scene Setup

A great evil has risen on the borders of the land ruled by the Elf-King Thranduil. Orcs are massing, and have threatened to kill the dwarves held in Thranduil's prison. When the dwarves escape, and a captured orc defiantly tells the king of the inevitable battle coming his way, Thranduil orders the gates of his kingdom sealed. But Tauriel, knowing the orcs are stalking the dwarves, determines to aid them, against the orders of her king. But just as she is about to cross the border, she is met by Legolas, who tries to dissuade her.


Spiritual Warfare, Evil, Choosing sides, Devil, Darkness


Tauriel is on her way to help the dwarves, but Legolas shows up to try to bring her home. He tells her she is outnumbered and cannot hope to succeed on her own. Tauriel smiles and notes, "I'm not alone." She was counting on Legolas coming. Legolas tells her that King Thranduil is angry with her for defying his orders. He accuses Tauriel of betraying the king's trust but promises that if she returns, he will forgive her. But Tauriel will not yield. She cannot understand why Thranduil is yielding before the orc hordes. Legolas says, "It is not our fight." but Tauriel disagrees. She knows that if they yield here, it will not end with the dwarves. Evil is never static. It either is defeated or it grows. She says that the king wants the elves to hide in their kingdom and let the world suffer the consequences. She asks Legolas, "Are we not part of this world? Tell me, when did we let evil become stronger than us?"


Life is a battlefield -- it's just that some of us have forgotten, or we have already surrendered. Tauriel explains to Legolas that for those who serve the light, any incursion of darkness is a challenge to which we must rise. That fight -- the fight of good against evil, the fight of the spirit against the flesh, the fight of the forces of light against the armies of darkness -- is our fight. You don't have to be an elf to recognize that evil is growing. But for many of us the slow encroachment of evil in our culture has made accommodation comfortable, and resistance costly and difficult. But if we could simply step outside our comfort zone, and take a cold, analytical look at the world in which we live, we would see that to cut ourselves off from the world, to live within our own Christian bubble, is to sacrifice those outside it to the Enemy. We cannot allow evil to prevail. God has furnished us with weapons for the fight. He has commanded us to snatch people, if necessary, from the flames themselves. The good news is that God has told us how the story ends. Despite what appear to be setbacks and temporary defeats, God will ultimately prevail. The only question is: will you fight now for His kingdom, or will you just be an onlooker, glancing from the sidelines? People are suffering. We must join the battle to save as many as we can, despite the opposition, or any man or cultural institutions that would call on us to passively surrender.


Where To Find


Ephesians 6:12

Ephesians 6:13-17

Proverbs 24:11-12

Jude 1:17-23

Video Times

Start: 1:19:21

End: 1:20:43


Spiritual Warfare, Battle, Fight, Choosing Sides, Choices, Devil, Darkness, Win, Righteousness

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None for this scene.

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