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Movie Synopsis

When billionaire "Red" Stevens finally dies, his spoiled, bitter, neglected grandson, Jason Stevens, expects nothing -- the money-grubbing remainder of the extended family, however, expects a big pay day. To everyone's shock and amazement, Red prepared for his death the way he prepared for his life: carefully. One by one the relatives are sent packing with just the kinds of inheritances they deserve. But Jason, on the other hand, is in for a surprise of a different sort.

Red wants to try to amend in death the neglect he showed Jason in life. So Red sets up a series of unusual "gifts" -- a series of challenges and rewards -- for Jason. The catch? If he fails to complete each challenge properly, he loses everything. If he succeeds, Red promises that he will receive the ultimate gift.

Movie Sermon's General Warning

The Ultimate Gift contains some mild language and some alcohol consumption.







Sermon Illustrations

Big Idea
The difficulty of death.
Death, Dying, Comfort, Heaven
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18   Ecclesiastes 3:11-15  
Big Idea
Ungrateful hearts are haughty.
Ingratitude, Thankfulness, Pride, Humility
Psalms 50:14-15   Romans 1:21  

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